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Endike Academy

Endike Primary Academy is situated in the North of Hull and takes children from Foundation Stage through to the age of 11.

Changing the school day from Sept 2021 - Consultation

Changing the school day from September 2021: Consultation

I am writing to you as part of a consultation process to make some changes to the school day. The changes and my reasons for making them are set out below. We are now consulting with governors, staff, caterers, students and parents. Once the consultation is over, we will consider whether or not to introduce these changes for September 2021. The final decision on this proposal will take into account the opinions of the various stakeholders. The proposal is as follows:

  • To change the start of the school day from 9.00am (Current) to 8.50am
  • To change the end of the school day from 3.00 (pre-Covid) to 3.15
  • To change lunch times from 60 minutes(pre-Covid) to 45 minutes
  • The move from 2 meetings per week (staff and phase leader meetings) to 1 meeting per week- reduce staff workload.

Why change the school day?

Endike Academy currently delivers between 1-2 hours less education per week than some other primary schools in the local area. This is equating to almost 80 hours less education per year than children that attend other schools. Changing the timings of the school day is something that staff and governors have been discussing over several years. This year, due to the pandemic, the school has been forced to make several changes, some of which have had positive impact on both staff and children eg. Staggered break times and shorter lunch times. We have also found that because of the lockdown, the majority of children have had to relearn some parts of their education and we have had to spend this half term teaching “missed” learning from March-July. Having less teaching time than other schools per day is not beneficial to our children, particularly during a pandemic and after a sustained period of lock down and school “closure”. This seems to be the right time to extend the school day so your children receive a world class education. Therefore, giving children at Endike the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Lesson length

By extending the length of our school day, we will not be trying to teach your children more things during one day. Instead, your children will have fewer, longer lessons per day which means that teachers and children can increase their depth of learning. Each day, your children will be absorbing information, which will allow them to access learning at a greater depth.

Lunch time

Currently, your children have 45 minutes for lunch rather than 60 minutes they had last year before Covid. The reduced lunch time has allowed the children to have higher levels of concentration during afternoon lessons. The school has also seen improved behaviour over the lunch time which has enabled a more positive atmosphere within the school and in turn, had a more positive impact on attitudes towards learning. The children have adapted well to the reduced lunch time and as a result, this small change has become a positive of the current academic year.

Staff meeting time

It is important that our staff have a strong work/life balance. Currently the school has two evenings that are dedicated to meetings for main scale and upper pay scale teachers. This above proposal allows just one evening to be dedicated to staff meetings.

More extra-curricular activities

Staff only having one evening dedicated towards staff meeting times may provide more opportunities for staff to deliver after school sports, music and arts clubs for your children free of charge.

Starting the day earlier

Children are more likely to be more alert and engaged during the mornings than the afternoons, so an earlier morning means more productivity and positivity during their morning lessons. Every morning the children receive their core lessons-reading, writing spellings/phonics and maths. The earlier start time allows for children to learn more during these crucial subjects.

Over this academic year, all children have been having “book and bagel” time which has been received in a positive way. The downside is that it currently “eats” into our learning time which is already too short. By opening our doors 15 minutes earlier and lessons starting 10 minutes earlier, makes sure that any child that wants something to eat, can.


  • I want to achieve the following things through the changes outlined above:
  • Your children receive their legal educational entitlement.
  • More time for children to learn at a greater depth, rather than at a superficial level.
  • Continue the positive behaviours and attitudes at social times.
  • More extra-curricular activities

I believe that these changes will be a significant benefit to the school. If you have a view on the proposal please email me at Subject: Consultation This consultation will end at 12pm on 4th February 2021. I will inform all stakeholders of the outcomes before the end of the spring term.