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Endike Academy

Endike Primary Academy is situated in the North of Hull and takes children from Foundation Stage through to the age of 11.

Attendance & Progress

“The children who are most happy and successful in school are those with the best attendance.”

Absence line phone no: 01482 616461
Attendance Lead: Mrs K Buyukyilmaz

Attendance Officer: Mrs V Crawford (initial contact)

Emotional Well Being: Miss J O'Connor



We would like to thank our parents for their commitment to their child’s attendance.

At Endike Academy, we believe that attendance matters and that every day of education is essential.

The vast majority of parents ensure that their child attends regularly and on time and we have very few parents who do not support their child in this.

We love to see the happy faces of the children as they get to school on time to play with their friends before sitting down together, ready to learn. Children who do not get to school on time or miss some days of school altogether find it more difficult to make friends and to catch up on their learning. Please remember that our school day starts promptly at 8:45 and children who are late miss the beginning of their reading session, an important skill for them to learn.

If we need to speak to you about your child's attendance, Mrs Crawford or your child's class teacher will contact you - this may be via telephone, email or face to face. Class teachers may also discuss attendance with you at parents' evening. 

If your child is ill

We know that sometimes your child may be unable to attend because they feel unwell.

In this case, please contact 01482 616461 and tell us your child’s name and the reason for absence, preferably before 8:30 each day. Some parents think that their child may be better off at home if they are ill, but generally, we are happy to have them in school and will keep a close eye on them to make sure that they are ok if you ask us to. We have also produced a helpful leaflet to help you to decide whether your child is well enough to come to school which can be downloaded from our website. We use NHS guidance to advise and you can access this yourself here.

If we do not hear from you first thing in the morning and your child is not in school, then we will try and make contact with you as quickly as possible to ensure that your child is safe. This could be by telephone or home visit. Please rest assured that we always pursue this until we are satisfied so you know that your child’s welfare is important to us.

Other reasons for absence

The vast majority of our parents recognise that their children are happiest and successful in school when they attend regularly. 

For that reason, they do not ask for holidays during term time, because they know how damaging this can be for their child’s education. If you feel that you still want to ask for your child’s holiday to be authorised despite this, then please ask to speak with Mrs Crawford, and submit a holiday request form, so that you can set out the special circumstances of your request.

If there is any other reason why you or your child is finding it difficult to attend school regularly and on time, then please do contact Mrs Crawford or Miss O'Connor who can help. Our pastoral team has already helped many other parents and children in this way. Seeking early help, no matter the issue, can help you to avoid any fines for non-attendance which can be very costly and embarrassing.

If your child is new to our school, they will have check ins with their class teacher, as well as our Emotional Well Being Team, to ensure that they are settled and happy. 

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If your child is regularly late to school, you may receive a letter. We understand that on odd occasions you may miss the register however, there are some children who are persistently arriving later and the impact is significant over time. The image below shows how much school is missed each year if you are arriving even five minutes late.

Useful resources

Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (

Endike Academy - Safeguarding (


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