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Safeguarding & Emotional Wellbeing

Here at Endike we place high importance on the positive emotional wellbeing, mental health and safeguarding of all of our pupils. 

All of our staff members are trained to safeguard all of our pupils and every adult who enters our school to visit or work with us has a duty of care to safeguard the children at Endike. Miss E. Brown is the designated safeguarding lead at Endike and Mrs A. Lewis is the deptuty safeguarding lead. If you have a concern about any child, please call or visit the school office to speak to either Miss Brown or Mrs Lewis.

We regularly send out updates on MyEd with information on how you can safeguard your child at home, this may be related to E-Safety or safety in the community. Please ensure that you update the school office with any new mobile numbers to receive these updates.  


At Endike we have a programme of training and development to ensure that the adults withint the school are equipped with the most up to date knowledge and skills to safeguard our pupils. 

Training involves information and skills, including but not limited to, enable staff to meet the requirements and advice set out in the following key documents:

Keeping Children Safe in Education 

Working Together to Safeguarding Children

Prevent Duty

What To Do If You're Worried A Child Is Being Abused

Information Sharing 

DRET Safeguarding policies 


We truly believe that if a child is not feeling happy and secure they will not be ready to learn. There is extensive research into the impact that poor mental health and wellbeing has on children and their attainment and progress. For these reasons and many more, one of Endike’s key priorities is to enable children to have positive mental health and wellbeing. We do this in many ways: 

  • We work closely with families in order to fully understand our pupils and get to know our pupils strengths and ways forward. 
  • 3 Emotional Literacy Support Assistants who have completed training and are qualified to deliver ELSA programmes. 
  • 3 members of staff across the school trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. 
  • A dedicated and committed Emotional Wellbeing Team made up of Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, 3 ELSAs including Home School Link Worker and our SENCo. 
  • We deliver PSHE through Jigsaw in all year groups.
  • All classes have regular circle times to speak about their feelings.
  • We offer restorative sessions to enable children to resolve conflict and build relationships. 
  • ELSA programmes delivered with groups or individuals who have either self-referred or have been referred by their family or staff members. 
  • We deliver a curriculum which challenges children and builds resilience. 
  • Our teaching style encourages children to see mistakes as a part of learning.
  • We work closely with HeadStart, the lottery funded wellbeing programme in Hull, to arrange more highly skilled support for our pupils and families. 

We are currently working towards the HeadStart award and the Emotional Wellbeing in Schools award from Optimus Education. If any member of the school or wider community would like to be a part of this, please contact the school office. 

If you would like to discuss your child’s emotional wellbeing or mental health or think that we could help you, your family or child, please contact the school office to speak to a member of the emotional wellbeing team.