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About Us

We are delighted to be a new member of the David Ross Education Trust. For more information visit the DRET website .

Endike Primary Academy is situated in the North of Hull and takes children from Foundation Stage through to the age of 11. There are over 400 pupils at the school and a strong and committed staff team supporting the positive vision set in place by the Headteacher.

It is our intention that children, persons with parental responsibility, staff and other adults at Endike Primary School work together as a team to fulfil the following aims:-

Potential: To help children and staff fulfil their own potential, to recognise achievement in all areas and to build self-confidence, self-esteem motivation and commitment.

Discipline: To share clear high standards regarding discipline and to have high expectations of punctuality, attendance and behaviour.

Breadth and Balance: To provide all children with a balanced and broad curriculum and to teach children to apply their acquiredknowledge to develop personal and social skills and to increase their moral and social awareness.

Partnership: To provide a happy, secure, caring and stimulating environment which encourages courtesy, a consideration for the needs of others and an understanding of the wider local community.

Equal Opportunity: To give equal opportunity to all children and staff.

Future: To be forward looking and responsive to the outside world preparing children to be happy, caring, independent and reliable citizens for the future.

Headteacher: Emma Brown